Network company name, Alipay, wechat is which company
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Hello, everyone, many friends about the name of the network company are not quite understand, today Xiaobian to share for you about Alipay, wechat is which company's knowledge, I hope to help you!

Alipay, which company is wechat

Not a company!

Network company name, Alipay, wechat is which company

Ma Huateng is the boss of wechat, and Ye Yuqing is the boss of Alipay。

Wechat was planned and launched by Shenzhen Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd. in October 2010 and built by the product team of Tencent Guangzhou R&D Center。The team manager Zhang Xiaolong led by the team has successfully developed FoxXXil, QQ mailbox and other Internet projects, Tencent President Ma Huateng in the product planning email to determine the name of this product is called "wechat"。

Since its establishment in 2004, Alipay has always taken "trust" as the core of its products and services。There are "Alipay" and "Alipay wallet" two XX brands。

How to check the company information under one's name

Individuals can carry XXX pieces and go to the local XX bureau for inquiry。

If you have a company under your name and know the company name, you can check on the online business inquiry website。

Take the sky eye check as an example, choose to check the company or check the boss after entering, and enter the information as prompted。

If you do not know the name of the company, or are not sure whether there is a company in your name, you can go to XX bureau for inquiry。

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