Nanjing enterprise cancellation process Nanjing electric vehicle account cancellation process
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This article to talk about the Nanjing enterprise cancellation process, as well as the Nanjing electric vehicle account cancellation process corresponding knowledge points, the article may be a little long, but I hope you can read it, increase your knowledge, the most important thing is that I hope to help you, can solve your problems, don't forget to collect this site。

Nanjing enterprise cancellation process Nanjing electric vehicle account cancellation process

How to cancel my Nanjing account

The first step is to open the Nanjing app. In the next interface, click the "My" option。

Step 2 In the next screen, click the Settings icon。

Step 3 In the next screen, click the "Account and security" option。

Step 4 In the next interface, click the "account cancellation" option。

Step 5 In the next interface, select the agreement and click the "Apply for deregistration" option。

Step 6 Next, click the "OK" option and complete the above steps to apply for cancellation of the account in the Nanjing app。

What is the process of simple cancellation of individual XX households in Nanjing

If you want to cancel, you don't need an annual review。Before the official cancellation, the state tax and local tax are processed normally, go to XX to apply for cancellation, and then they will review your accounts and tax forms, and finally approve。Take XX's cancellation approval to the national tax and local tax for cancellation。Then go to the bank to close the account。

Nanjing new national standard electric vehicle license plate how to cancel

Electric license plate cancellation online can not be handled, can only make an appointment to cancel the business (new national standard electric vehicles do not need to make an appointment), electric vehicles after the license need to go to the local DMV or XX brigade to cancel, cancel the electric license plate need to prepare materials are:

XXXX license, driving license and electric license plate, if not the new national standard electric vehicle, but also need to prepare a motor vehicle registration certificate and personal XXX。

After preparing the relevant materials, carry the materials to the vehicle administration or XX brigade, take the number to the business window to explain to the salesman that you need to handle the cancellation of the electric vehicle license plate business, the salesman will give you a cancellation form, after filling in the form and the relevant materials prepared to the salesman review can complete the cancellation。

It is worth mentioning that there will be subtle differences in the cancellation process in each region, and you can call the DMV or XX brigade in advance to ask about the specific process before handling the cancellation business;

If the vehicle theft needs to be cancelled, then you also need to provide the record proof of XXX door to cancel。

Nanjing electric vehicle account closing process

The cancellation process of electric vehicle license has the following four steps:

1. Prepare the original and copy of XXX;

2. Take the materials to XX manager of integrated business cabinet for cancellation;

3, to the staff XX application for cancellation of the number plate form, write down the general information of the number plate;

4. Take the original, photocopy and completed application form of XXX to XX counter。

The vehicle plate may be cancelled, but the vehicle for cancellation registration must have been used in the name of the party concerned for more than three years。Where the traffic management department of XX organ has relevant prescribed acts, the directly responsible person in charge and other directly responsible persons shall be given corresponding sanctions in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, and if losses are caused to the parties, they shall bear the liability for compensation according to law。

What information does Nanjing need to cancel the business license

① A copy of XX Registration Certificate;

② Clean up, cancel XX, "XX purchase book", XX special seal (no ticket record need not provide);

③ "Approval Form for cancellation of XX registration Application" (in 3 copies, 2 individual copies);

④ A copy of the cancellation form of the Internal Revenue Service (provided by the co-management households, this item is formulated by each county bureau according to the specific circumstances);

(5) Approval documents from the competent department or examination and approval authority;

⑥XX department cancellation decision (" Business license "is revoked to provide);

⑦ Other information required by XX authorities。


① Taxpayers who need to cancel the registration of XX should first clean up and cancel XX at the supply window of XX;

② Taxpayers must pay all taxable fees within the prescribed time limit;

(3) If the taxpayer has the tax fee payable and the tax fee unpaid, after the functional departments review, the XX office (branch office, management section) is responsible for the settlement and storage;

(4) Taxpayers involved in cross-county (district) address change, the original administration and collection of XX authorities in accordance with the cancellation procedures, taxpayers must be in the new administration of XX tax bureau XX registration within 30 days;

⑤ All the materials provided by the taxpayer must be stamped with the taxpayer's official seal (individual, seal or signature) in addition to the original.。

On the cancellation process of Nanjing enterprises, the introduction of Nanjing electric vehicle account cancellation process ends here, and I hope it will be helpful to you。

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