Shanxi Local Taxation Bureau address, Shanxi Local Taxation Bureau online declaration system
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  • Published time: 2023-04-21 08:57:56

The online declaration system of Shanxi Local Taxation Bureau is a new system independently developed and constructed by Shanxi Local Taxation Bureau during the epidemic period。Online personal income tax declaration and online paperless declaration。

The online filing system should be complete and secure to achieve the maximum goal of online paperless tax filing and online filing。

Shanxi Local Taxation Bureau address, Shanxi Local Taxation Bureau online declaration system

First of all, the system selects an automatic declaration form generation and data submission platform after taxpayers place an order through the Internet。The main function of the system management platform is to realize taxpayers' access at any time and anywhere, query at any time, manual production, online publicity, taxpayers' own tax payment, online invoice issuance, etc。The online declaration system does not have any restrictions on the visual display of the source and data of the tax paid by the taxpayer, and taxpayers only need to automatically generate their basic information, organization and other information online to submit and complete the online declaration normally。

Secondly, the taxpayer does not need to download the client in the paper version, but the applicant can download the declaration software directly by logging in to the online declaration system。

Finally, the taxpayer can complete the declaration by clicking on the online declaration system。

Of course, for taxpayers who declare for the first time, the system analyzes and screens according to different system Settings。Ultimately, taxpayers can choose to need to conduct a comprehensive and comprehensive analysis and analysis of the application system for online filing, and further import the data required for filing。

Agency bookkeeping tax service content

Tax return

As well as the agency accounting tax service content

1.Daily tax-related business

2.Special invoices for tax categories and small-scale taxpayers and VAT

3.Manage and arrange invoices

4.Business negotiations and contractual agreements

5.Declaration process


1.The difference between a regular ticket and a special ticket

(1) The special ticket is the VAT invoice of Chengdu tax refund sales;The ordinary ticket is a special invoice for tax refund sales in Chengdu。

(2) The ordinary ticket is the VAT invoice。

(3) A special ticket is an ordinary ticket。

(4) Special tickets are VAT invoices for tax refund sales in Chengdu。

2.In bookkeeping and tax preparation services

1.An ordinary ticket is a VAT invoice for a tax refund sale in Chengdu。

2.Key service items

(1) Accounts receivable accounting, accounting, tax declaration, etc。

(2) Ticket production and reimbursement

3.Invoice management

(1) Daily reimbursement, business planning。

(2) Additions and subtractions of bills, transfers, etc。

3.The service window staff will get the invoice

4.Expense invoice

5.Ticket type

6.Leisure and tourism

7.Invoice inquiry

8.Invoice update, inquiry, etc。

The above is the "3" VAT invoice is an ordinary ticket, I hope it can help you。

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